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What did pope paul 3 do

Pope Paul III born Alessandro Farnese, was head of the Catholic Church and ruler of the Papal The Farnese family had prospered over the centuries but it was Alessandro's ascendency to the papacy and his was an unequivocal procedure that should leave no room for doubt of his own readiness to make changes. Biography - Family - Politics and religion - Patron of the arts. Paul III, original name Alessandro Farnese, (born Feb. 29, , Canino, Papal States—died Nov. 10, , Rome), Italian noble who was the last of the Renaissance popes (reigned –49) and the first pope of the Counter-Reformation. The fourth pope during the period of the Reformation, Paul III became the first to He did not receive ordination until , but collected numerous benefices commission Paul appointed in to make proposals for the promised council.

Paul III () was pope from to Alessandro Farnese, who became Paul III, was born on Feb. 29, , in Canino into one of the more powerful Renaissance families of northern Italy. After his education in Rome and in Florence at the court of Lorenzo de' Medici, he entered the service of the Church. POPE PAUL III (Alessandro Farnese), Pope from to , was born on the 28th of February , of an old and distinguished family. As a pupil of the. Alessandro himself kept an Italian mistress with whom he had four children. In While Pope Paul engaged in rampant nepotism by elevating three young .

Pope who reigned from to He enhanced the prestige of the papacy by doing single-handed what his predecessors had reserved to the action of a council. To this Paul did not object, and promised to aid him with three hundred . Pope Paul III is one of the more interesting popes in history. On the plus side, he convened the Council of Trent in , although he did little. Pope Paul III combats Protestantism, suppresses the reform-minded Spiritualists, The Waldensians had been around since the s, a group of believers. A pope against any form of real reform could do the Counter-Reformation Paul III did favour liberals and he sent Contarini to Regensburg. Paul III, –, pope (–49), a Roman named Alessandro Farnese was valuable to the council for the information it had on actual conditions in Rome.

Pope Paul III had three legitimate sons and went to great lengths to ensure the III) was pulled down to make room for the Monument to Victor Emmanuel II. Pope Paul III became the symbol of the reform-minded Catholic Church. Paul III had actually reinstituted the Inquisition in , but after the Council of Trent it. AD Pope Paul III opposes enslaving Native peoples. Pope Paul III issues a decree, “Sublimus Deus,” opposing the enslavement of indigenous peoples. Elected pope in , Alessandro Farnese took the title of Paul III. To Sat, Apr 13Informal Live Chat – Death.

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