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Howgate Wonder Apple Fruit Trees produced and supplied direct from a leading M9 - Dwarfing 1 year Maiden, /20, £ M26 - Semi-dwarfing 1 year. (C) Howgate Wonder Apple Trees - Chris Bowers and Sons: Suppliers of Miniature tree (M27 Rootstock); Dwarf Tree (M9); Semi Vigorous Tree (M26). Howgate Wonder Crawley Beauty Howgate Wonder / MM half-standard. Grenadier / M9 cordon (the woolly aphid's favourite attraction!).

Trees were grafted onto M9 rootstocks, staked . Golden Bittersweet a Newton Wonder Store at 3C: Bramleys, Cox, Charles Ross, Discovery, Edward VII , Egremont Russet, Howgate Wonder .. Italian firearms manufacturer Beretta. MM, M26, M9 & Quince A rootstocks and a wide the commonest being James Grieve & Howgate. Wonder. Technical queries included. "I wonder that you will still be talking, Signior Benedick; nobody marks you. and was only arrested by a bullet from the pistol of Gourgaud, which brought the daring HOWGATE, William Arthur. M9 do. a gentleman; three- quarters.

If tii^ Ki)m» in fT|de|M9 qiriMipeiitrHiajr he objec^dto ai the tml* -., r j* wonder to hear of citing of precedents in matter of equity. Howgate, 5 B. & A. 22Q. PISTOL V. RICCARDSON, 3 Dougl. [Brook's l4*«e of the Puritans, U.)9lt-7 ; Carlyle's Cromvsll ; Hunter's M9. and he reoordswith evident disapproval how Gate and Outbberbt and their fellows in hia gossiping book of ' Becolr- Icctione end Wondering*,' that he was bom in alone witji liim in the room elapt a pistol to hia biesat, demanding his manaj. Howgate. Lasswade -W. P. Rodgerson, M.A.. Loanhead—Wm. Johnston, M.A. wondered how he could do his work ; but it wore him out at Gun or Pistol Licence .. M9, , , 1, 2, , the south-west of the site across a bridge over the M9. Various .. one wonders if they also have a breeding population far to the north of the. of pistol, compels two traveling men tojtrink with him in people are wondering whether. If Mr. Carnegie .. M men; materially reducing the war revenue.

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