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How did henchman 24 diede

Henchman 24 was a henchman for The Monarch on The Venture Bros. and a close companion with Henchman 21 until his death. He helped kidnap Hank and Dean and incapacitate Brock Samson. After Brock Samson seized Speedy by the neck 24 ordered the other Monarch henchmen to kill Samson in. 24 died like so many henchman that came before him, but because we knew him . Fan: "Did you kill 24 because you hate doing his voice?". Henchman 24 is seen for the first time in his normal form in Pinstripes & Poltergeists. It appears 24 has chosen to haunt 21 (whom he chose over the cocoon because it is constantly being destroyed). 24 claims he cannot move objects, but he assists 21 by scouting areas of weapons and warning him of dangerous situations. Biography - The Death of The Venture - 24 Returns - Episode Appearances.

This is a list of main and recurring fictional characters and organizations from The Venture Bros. Henchman 21 still speaks to what he believes is Henchman 24's ghost, though Henchman 24's .. He alludes to the fact that he is actually Buddy Holly, having survived "The Day the Music Died" with the Big Bopper ( Dragoon). Team Venture - Venture acquaintances - O.S.I. - Archvillains and henchmen. 6 Mar - 2 min - Uploaded by Adult Swim Brock peps up the Henchmen for combat. The Venture Bros. is Adult Swim's fan-favorite. 6 Mar - 56 sec - Uploaded by Adult Swim Dr. Venture and Brock reminisce over how many times the boys have died. SUBSCRIBE: http.

15 Sep - 1 min - Uploaded by mangamuncher Henchman 21 aka Gary has had so much character development! He became a badass in. When it started, The Venture Bros. was an unsubtle parody of Jonny Quest, chest and kills the Monarch's Henchman 24 (best friend of Henchman 21). . Also, if the Venture brothers ever died for real, the Order Of The Triad. “Rusty” has two sons, Hank and Dean, who are both clones (they've died at least 13 He was a Monarch henchmen, Henchman 21 specifically, who became the death of his best friend, Henchman 24, and briefly revived S.P.H.I.N.X. as the . His debut as a writer was a comedy superhero comic book "Cement Shooz", which got Hank Venture / The Monarch / Sgt. Hatred / Pete White / Henchman contest your entries can suffer (which is why I usually do an "answer these questions" contest). Not the case here, which Henchman 24 Memorial Contest - The Winner. by Mike Those who died from explosions near cars.

VBGroup caption = Henchmen #24 (left) and #21 (right). team name most anyone else they've worked with has deserted, died, or been incapacitated. Dr. Venture further explains that the boys have died before. Thirteen Henchman 24 is also at the meeting, and both of them are waiting for the. Henchman Car accident? Car accident? That was no car accident. 24 died in a car intentional. Permalink: Man! I'm so glad I didn't mention the car accident. SHIRT CLUB Picture Thread: Shirt #13 Henchman Memorial. This week's So without further a-do, the shirt that puts a spoiler on your chest! This week: He was a real sweetheart, and he was not the same after Dad died 2 years ago.

My little tribute to Henchman A simple digital painting. Tools: Adobe Photoshop CS3 brushes and Pencil for sketching. Venture Bros. Both Henchman 24 (or is it 21?) and Brock wish to commit to tattoos. .. Of course, I thought he was going to appear in a flashback since he died in , but. There were a bunch of members of the original Team Venture who had analogues He died in Season 5, when an elderly Action Man accidentally . the comic to pay Rusty to clone his dead friend, Henchman 24 (Publick).

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